My Time at The Phoenix Karon Beach Hotel

While it’s impossible to label my favorite single thing about my time at the Karon Beach Phoenix Hotel หาดกะรน, in this article I’m certainly going to try. My time in Karon Beach was one of the most memorable experiences of my life thus far and it was in no small part due to the pleasantness of the Phoenix Karon Beach. From the location to the staff, to the food and beyond, I can truly say that this was the perfect place to stay during my time in Karon Beach. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what exactly made my time at the Phoenix Karon Beach so memorable.

phoenix karon beach hotel

For those of you who have yet to make it to Phuket, and Karon Beach in particular, I might as well attempt to describe the natural beauty found there. Karon Beach is on the west coast of Phuket, generally viewed as a quieter area compared to neighboring Patong. This area is surrounded by lush green forest and jungle on one side, hemmed in on the other by the great blue magnificence of the Andaman Sea. While this area is generally quieter than many other destinations in and around Phuket, the Phoenix Karon Beach provides ample opportunity for excitement in and around this magnificent area.

Let’s talk accommodations. The Phoenix Karon Beach features two standard room styles; the Superior Double and the Deluxe Double. I stayed in the slightly less expensive Superior Double and was blown away by the luxurious nature of the room and service. The large bed was supremely comfortable, the ideal place to relax after an exciting day in and around town. Located right on Patak road in Karon Beach, the Phoenix Karon Beach Hotel sits in a prime location for those who want to get out and explore.

Not interested in the many offerings in and around town? No problem! I spent a few days in between renting ATV’s and volleyball to simply lounge around the incredible pool deck at the Phoenix Karon Beach. From a comfortable perch above the beach you can lounge in the cool waters of the deluxe hotel pool all while keeping an eye on the magnificent beauty that surrounds the Phoenix Karon Beach.

At the Phoenix Karon Beach every single employee encompassed their motto, “come as a stranger and leave as family.” When I arrived as a solo traveler, I initially felt out of place. Karon Beach is a popular destination for couples and families and as I felt like I stood out. However, within minutes of my arrival the dedicated and professional staff of the Phoenix Karon Beach had introduced me to a few fellow travelers and encouraged me to join the Phuket Beach Volleyball club. By the time I left the hotel I had made numerous friends for life and truly felt like a member of the family.

While words cannot accurately describe the beauty and luxury found at the Phoenix Karon Beach Hotel, I hope that this short blog serves to whet your appetite. I highly recommend a stay at this luxurious hotel for anyone who happens to find themselves in Phuket, and for those planning your next vacation, take my word for it! You will not regret a stay at the Phoenix Karon Beach.