Mirage Patong Hotel, Patong City, Phuket

If you’re looking for a relaxing, well maintained place with a beautiful scenic view in Phuket, then look no further than the Mirage Patong Hotel in Patong City.

The Mirage Patong Hotel is not only amazingly clean, but is also modern and includes free wifi and other necessary accessories for a comfortable stay, such as a hair dryer, kettle and refrigerator in each room. There are plenty of room options, whether you are staying as a single person, couple or as a family.

While staying at this wonderful hotel, you have the opportunity to sit on the rooftop by the pool and look out onto Patong City and its mountains. If you’re not in the mood to chill out in your swimming gear, then it’s only a 5 minute walk to the huge, buzzing shopping centre, Jungceylon Shopping Mall. If that isn’t convenient enough for you, The Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel is only about a 750 meter walk from both Patong Beach and the famous Bangla Road.

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The staff at the Mirage are very friendly and welcoming. They’ll organise activities for you to do during the day, book you a taxi or organise your laundry for you. They may even give you some recommendations for dinner at the hotel restaurant, where you can enjoy some authentic Thai food, as well as other cuisines of course! The value for money at this 3.5 star hotel is one to be admired.

If you have never stayed in Phuket before, make sure to check this place out. With so much to do in this great city, you’ll be on the move all day long. Come back to a place that does it all for you, where you can sit by the pool with a cocktail and forget about life’s worries. Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel – your next great holiday destination.

Relaxing at the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel – Bangkok

This week I had the privilege of staying at the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok. I’ve heard some pretty good reviews about it and decided to stay there on my return trip through Bangkok. The defining feature of this hotel is the stellar rooftop access with pool and garden overlooking the city. The stone accent walls and shady awnings made for a great refuge in the midst of the city commotion. It was a great place for my friends to unwind at, in addition to a lovely and spacious patio area where you can eat breakfast or get work done.

Great Quality

The Royal Ivory really lives up to ivory expectations. The lobby was clean and nicely decorated; I didn’t experience any problems with the staff or checking in. The rooms are standard to what you see in most hotels, although the wood paneled walls really adds a touch of ambiance. The bathrooms are open and spacious, which is definitely a bonus for any tired traveler or passer through. The beds were comfortable and fresh. Overall, it seems that the housekeeping staff really does a great job.

Charming Features

You’ll spot quite a few elephants throughout the hotel, a little symbol representing the “Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok.” For the price point, this is a fantastic deal whether you are just stopping through or planning a holiday in Bangkok. The rustic, wood decor and roof top lounge make it a great escape from the city. If you’re interested in checking out this hotel for yourself, head to Sukhumvit Road, Nana Plaza Bangkok. They get quite a few international guests and the staff is very accommodating. It’s a great pick if you’re new to Thailand or a newbie traveler in general. Overall, my friends and I quite enjoyed our roof top jubilee. I’ll be saving this spot for a future trip in time.

My Time at The Phoenix Karon Beach Hotel

While it’s impossible to label my favorite single thing about my time at the Karon Beach Phoenix Hotel หาดกะรน, in this article I’m certainly going to try. My time in Karon Beach was one of the most memorable experiences of my life thus far and it was in no small part due to the pleasantness of the Phoenix Karon Beach. From the location to the staff, to the food and beyond, I can truly say that this was the perfect place to stay during my time in Karon Beach. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what exactly made my time at the Phoenix Karon Beach so memorable.

phoenix karon beach hotel

For those of you who have yet to make it to Phuket, and Karon Beach in particular, I might as well attempt to describe the natural beauty found there. Karon Beach is on the west coast of Phuket, generally viewed as a quieter area compared to neighboring Patong. This area is surrounded by lush green forest and jungle on one side, hemmed in on the other by the great blue magnificence of the Andaman Sea. While this area is generally quieter than many other destinations in and around Phuket, the Phoenix Karon Beach provides ample opportunity for excitement in and around this magnificent area.

Let’s talk accommodations. The Phoenix Karon Beach features two standard room styles; the Superior Double and the Deluxe Double. I stayed in the slightly less expensive Superior Double and was blown away by the luxurious nature of the room and service. The large bed was supremely comfortable, the ideal place to relax after an exciting day in and around town. Located right on Patak road in Karon Beach, the Phoenix Karon Beach Hotel sits in a prime location for those who want to get out and explore.

Not interested in the many offerings in and around town? No problem! I spent a few days in between renting ATV’s and volleyball to simply lounge around the incredible pool deck at the Phoenix Karon Beach. From a comfortable perch above the beach you can lounge in the cool waters of the deluxe hotel pool all while keeping an eye on the magnificent beauty that surrounds the Phoenix Karon Beach.

At the Phoenix Karon Beach every single employee encompassed their motto, “come as a stranger and leave as family.” When I arrived as a solo traveler, I initially felt out of place. Karon Beach is a popular destination for couples and families and as I felt like I stood out. However, within minutes of my arrival the dedicated and professional staff of the Phoenix Karon Beach had introduced me to a few fellow travelers and encouraged me to join the Phuket Beach Volleyball club. By the time I left the hotel I had made numerous friends for life and truly felt like a member of the family.

While words cannot accurately describe the beauty and luxury found at the Phoenix Karon Beach Hotel, I hope that this short blog serves to whet your appetite. I highly recommend a stay at this luxurious hotel for anyone who happens to find themselves in Phuket, and for those planning your next vacation, take my word for it! You will not regret a stay at the Phoenix Karon Beach.

Enjoy Patong Beach Inside Top-Quality Patong Family & Beach Hotels

If you’re planning a visit to Thailand anytime soon, consider planning your trip around going to Patong Beach. Traveling to Phuket, you’re entering one of the most famous beach resorts there where you get to experience a wonderful array of activities and things to do in the nightlife scene. Patong Beach will be a wonderful destination for those who love to party whether they’re single or going with a group of friends. Couples will enjoy their time too and there are plenty of places to shop at. Visit locations such as Phuket Simon Cabaret for live shows with sequined performers or the Banzaan Fresh Market to enjoy a lively place for food and clothing.

Scenic Beaches

Finding a Patong Phuket hotel will be no issue at all as they have a wide array of wonderful choices to book. If you have some extra cash on you, try the Impiana Resort Patong Phuket Hotel, averaging around $220, which is wonderfully located by the beach and surrounded by the beauty all around with amazing people. Anyone with any honeymoon trip plans, maybe this will be your choice. If you’re looking for a good bargain deal, consider The Bliss South пляж патонг. which will barely get you over $100 with some as low as $86 per night. Top-quality pick with amazing service, fantastic location right in front of the beach, walk-ability is high up there as you’ll be around some of the best bars and restaurants.

Family Life

If you’re traveling with your family, however, your kids are gonna need a fun enjoyable time too. Finding a great Patong beach family hotel is incredibly simple and the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket will be a strong recommendation. Prices are around $100 so you’re already getting a great bargain, yet you’re still receiving some of the best quality and service along the way. The hotel comes in with a free children’s club that even comes with a pool, playground, and childcare services just for them. Let your kids have all the fun while you two enjoy all the bars and lounges around, fantastic spa services, but, of course, the wonderful beach life.

Top 3 Patong Beach Must Do Activities

So, i recently went to Patong beach, and something weird happened: I didn’t knew what to do in Patong! As weird as it sounds, i did not know any Patong activities to enjoy, not a single thing to do, so i took a deep breath and said to myself, ”What are the things that Patong is known for?” So, this list came up in my head and i had the best time ever at Patong! Here we go, a quick list of 3 Patong activities that you should do if you want an amazing experience, or you can just call it Top 3 Patong beach must do activities:

1.Go Shopping

Come on, Thailand is known for it’s nightlife and it’s shops, so i thought, well, let’s give it a try and jump into the shopping life of Patong, and, let me tell you, i was completely amazed on the extremely fast paced shopping activity, i mean, i just couldn’t keep up with the amount of things happening at the same time, it was truly amazing, and the prices for any product we’re really low too! I couldn’t stop walking around the shopping center, and looking at every product or item, it was so much fun, it is definitely one of the coolest Патонг деятельность you can do, i would call it a Patong beach must do, for sure.


If you are enjoying Patong’s nightlife (we will get there!), like i was, your body is going to be broke by the end of the trip, lucky me, Patong has a wide variety of spas, that offer from traditional oil massages to hot stone therapy, and, trust me, getting a massage in Thailand is something else, i was completely healed and energized! I really felt great after the massage, If you are searching for Patong activities, i really recommend getting a massage.

3.A night on Bangla Walking Street

Last but not least on my ” Patong beach must do ” activities, It’s the nightlife, especially spending a night on Bangla Walking Street, the street is full of bars and shows, and i personally really enjoy the nightlife that Patong provides, the experience is unforgettable, if you wanna let loose and party hard i would definitely recommend a night on Bangla Walking Street.

I hope my quick list of The Top 3 Patong Beach Must Do Activities have helped you to find the best spot or experience while you stay at Patong, have a great trip ya’ll!

I recommend Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel to stay when you visit patong beah.