Top 3 Patong Beach Must Do Activities

So, i recently went to Patong beach, and something weird happened: I didn’t knew what to do in Patong! As weird as it sounds, i did not know any Patong activities to enjoy, not a single thing to do, so i took a deep breath and said to myself, ”What are the things that Patong is known for?” So, this list came up in my head and i had the best time ever at Patong! Here we go, a quick list of 3 Patong activities that you should do if you want an amazing experience, or you can just call it Top 3 Patong beach must do activities:

1.Go Shopping

Come on, Thailand is known for it’s nightlife and it’s shops, so i thought, well, let’s give it a try and jump into the shopping life of Patong, and, let me tell you, i was completely amazed on the extremely fast paced shopping activity, i mean, i just couldn’t keep up with the amount of things happening at the same time, it was truly amazing, and the prices for any product we’re really low too! I couldn’t stop walking around the shopping center, and looking at every product or item, it was so much fun, it is definitely one of the coolest Патонг деятельность you can do, i would call it a Patong beach must do, for sure.


If you are enjoying Patong’s nightlife (we will get there!), like i was, your body is going to be broke by the end of the trip, lucky me, Patong has a wide variety of spas, that offer from traditional oil massages to hot stone therapy, and, trust me, getting a massage in Thailand is something else, i was completely healed and energized! I really felt great after the massage, If you are searching for Patong activities, i really recommend getting a massage.

3.A night on Bangla Walking Street

Last but not least on my ” Patong beach must do ” activities, It’s the nightlife, especially spending a night on Bangla Walking Street, the street is full of bars and shows, and i personally really enjoy the nightlife that Patong provides, the experience is unforgettable, if you wanna let loose and party hard i would definitely recommend a night on Bangla Walking Street.

I hope my quick list of The Top 3 Patong Beach Must Do Activities have helped you to find the best spot or experience while you stay at Patong, have a great trip ya’ll!

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